Chevalier 01: Conspiracy in Paris

Lia de Beaumont was murdered in the pre-Revolution France but was not buried. Her body was covered in mercury, preventing her body from rotting naturally and releasing her soul into Heaven. Her younger brother D’Eon joins the secret police and tries to find out what happened. He fights in honor of Lia but she still wants to take revenge her own way….

The conspiracy involves the Duke of Orleans, the Bureau of Secrets, and even the queen Marie Antoinette. There’s quotations from the Book of Psalms and the Latin abbreviation NQM. Actually, there’s too much stuff to try to explain so if anything I previously mentioned interests you, check out this first episode. It couldn’t hurt.

I didn’t seem to experience any slow points while watching probably because I was engrossed in the history behind the plot. I liked Victorian Romance Emma so I will probably keep watching this one because it’s a “historical drama”. Although maybe I shouldn’t put a lot of trust into a Japanese interpretation of European history.

The character’s faces came off a little awkward at first but I got used to them as the episode progressed. D’Eon will most likely still look like his sister until the end, though. The CGI was well integrated as one would expect from a studio like Production I.G. The music is violin-y and accents the tension in dramatic scenes as warranted.

The only problem I have is that a much older D’Eon is the narrator. “…” That means you know he has to survive! Despite knowing that fact, the action that was in the episode was very good and the “sister summoning” sequence reminded me a little of Blood+ with the blood running down a channel on the sword except…there wasn’t a tall, dark-haired guy carrying a coffin of his back.


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