Muteki Kanban Musume 1 & 2: Needs More Salt

Originally I was going to include Muteki Kanban Musume in the third installment of Raw Impressions Summer Edition but I didn’t get around to watching the other anime (Zaizen Jotaro, Bokura ga Ita) I planned to blog about. I’m ditching the segment until autumn but am still try to experiencing as many shows as I can to build my referential base.

While watching episode one raw, I barely got any of the jokes. I then saw it with subtitles and I understood more of them but not enough for me to continue watching it. After some thought (and hearing the Anime Nano podcast), I decided to give the show another shot, thinking it could get better. It didn’t. The “fall-flat to chuckle” ratio kept steady so I have decided to stop watching.

The one redeeming part of this series for me — which may have me check out a random episode a month from now — might be watching Miki’s kind spirit in action. Helping a boys’ baseball team and saving girls from oncoming trains almost makes up for the monster fighting beast that lies inside her. Almost. Both Megumi and Kankuro are not evil people because they are trying to rectify previous beatings by Miki. Because of that, I can’t see myself enjoying seeing her beat them up. I could however laugh at their offbeat methods of exacting revenge, like Kankuro imagining he is a train while training.

So, sorry, Miki-chan and friends. It’s nothing personal but when I watch a comedy, I expect to laugh more than once in a twenty-minute span. Maybe my sense of humor is missing a component that would have be LOL’ing while watching, but that just further indicates that this show is not to my taste.

Oh, and Geneon…if you actually do end up licensing this show, have fun marketing it.


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