Hachimitsu II 2 & 3 – Yamada Cries and Worries

The second season starts with a renewed focus on Yamada and her wavering between Mayama and Noyima. She starts to emotionally fall apart in these two episodes and I’m wondering if she can recover before she gains weight from her anxious “food binges”. Life goes on as usual for everyone else, though. Hagu is still afraid of Morita and slightly uncomfortable around Takemoto, while Mayama continuing to “not stalk” Rika.


The second episode of this, the second season, involves two characters having hiccups and three different methods to cure them. Shuuji’s drinking water from the other side of a glass and Morita’s chasing method both fail for Hagu but Takemoto’s “two chopsticks on a glass of water” worked. Mayama fixes Rika’s hiccups by having her drink “sugar water”.


Yamada wonders how Mayama sees Rika and finds out from Shuuji that the more Rika used to somebody, the less she speaks around them. She then gets worried because Mayama says all he talks about with Rika is work and weather and Rika barely said anything when Yamada was with them.


Episode three narrows the series’ scope temporarily on Yamada and Noyima’s relationship. Nomiya and his partner-in-crime Yamazaki are now stationed at a collectibles store across from the sand dunes in Tottori. Noyima invites Yamada up to the sand dunes and set off on a nine-hour drive to pick her up. Unfortunately, she takes a train down there. Eventually they meet up and he talks with her on the sand dunes. He finally makes a love confession just before her train leaves the station.

Meanwhile, Rika gets faxed an interview request for a project in Spain. She rejects it and instead decides to put her energy toward finishing one last project before she joins the late Mr. Harada. The preview for the next episode shows Rika and Mayama on a train together so there’ll be some moments and probably Rika will faint on the way or have a similar incident.

The jokes occurred a little less often than last season but that’s actually a good thing. I’d rather have relationship development (or degradation) than waste time with random silliness. Yamada doesn’t have a cell phone so there were a couple clever jokes about that. I wasn’t too keen on the tough-ass unicorns, though.

One thing that may develop into an actual plot point is the conversation between Morita and his brother, Agent Kaoru. They are “almost there” in terms of raising money for some unknown goal (a relative’s illness, perhaps) and Kaoru wants Morita wants to finish it with one last job. I’m interested to see how that gets worked into the other storylines if at all.

countdown: 10 episodes left

next one: episode 4 – “I won’t let you go anywhere”


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