Live-Action Detective Conan This Fall

Yomiuri TV has launched a website for a live-action adaptation of Meitantei Conan scheduled to air this fall as the anime concludes its 10th anniversary celebration. It will take place before Shinichi’s transformation into Conan Edogawa so there will be some high school moments in it between Shinichi and Ran. But one thing that I feel will make or break the series is the role of Kogoro. He must have at least one drunk scene; otherwise, the adaptation will have failed in my book.

Kudo Shinichi – Oguri Shun (小栗旬)

Mouri Ran – Kurokawa Tomoka (黒川智花)

sonoko_shot.jpg iwasamayuko.jpg
Suzuki Sonoko – Iwasa Mayuko (岩佐真悠子)

Mouri Kogoro – Jinnai Takanori (陣内孝則)


8 responses to “Live-Action Detective Conan This Fall

  1. As usual I hate Live Action. This will just be Kindaichi with different names.

  2. i want to have all the series of detective conan nowadays

  3. Im really excited for this live action.
    It will show Ran and Shinichi’s developing relationship and I am really looking forward to that.
    I think they portrayed the characters perfectly. Oguri Shun makes a perfect Shinichi Kudo and Kurokawa Tomoka makes a perfect Ran.
    I think they did a great job on picking the cast, and I usually love Live Actions so im really excited.
    Besides Oguri Shun is a great actor. I loved him in GTO.
    And he is so cute.
    The actors who are portraying Shinichi and Ran are even about the exact height differance as Shinichi and Ran in the anime.
    So I think this Live Action will be awesome. Im really really excited. Cant wait to see how it turns out.

  4. I just can’t wait to see the live action version of Mouri Kogoro 🙂 What a character to play!

  5. waii..!! I’m so excited..!! Shun-chan is sooo cuuutee..!! XD i luffs him..~~ (sorry for the fangirl lol ^^;)

  6. rockylyn reyes

    i want to watch all the episodes of detective conan live in action here in the phillippines……. i love shon oguri and i love his acting..his a great actor!!!

  7. hey rockylyn reyes, where did you watch all of the detective conan live?
    what website did u watch them on=]