Raw Impressions Summer Edition pt. 2: Coyote Ragtime Show, Mamotte! Lollipop, Otogi-Jushin Akazukin

All right, after mispronuncing some katakana from Tsuyokiss, I have to make a disclaimer. The observations and assumptions are the opinions of this blogger and may not be accurate. If you want good translations, please check other blogs of people who actually understand Japanese. Okay, round two.

Coyote Ragtime Show:

I love empty space framing.

An sexy glasses-wearing government operative named Angelica enters a prison with Chelsea, her temporary partner who looks similar to Kuturubami from FLCL. She prints out mugshots of all prisoners there and tells the warden that she thinks “Mister” might be planning an escape. A bomb is called in a minute before it goes off and the BDT (Bomb Disabling Team?) deployed to see if there are any other explosives. Sosaka thinks there is something suspicious going on because the BDT leader looked like the guard that drove her to the prison earlier that day.


Cut to a rich woman in a dark room. She orders ten girls in maid-like outfits to attack the prison. They parachute down and shoot up the command center, eliminating the guards. The heroine pair takes a Jeep and saves the warden. One of the girls runs at Angelica but a prisoner, “Mister”, standing on the roof of the prison shoots it in the back with an RPG. Some place, Diamondhead, is mentioned and Angelica is unable to shoot Mister as he and his companions escape. Giant robo-worms run over the walls of the prison and destroy the remaining robo-girls. At the end, the ACTUAL main characters (the escapees) are seen riding a space airliner.


Obvious things are that this takes place in space and is somewhat in the future, as there are android girls. Surprisingly, the fight in the second half with those girls was, well, kind of boring. Anyway, it seems that there are three organizations involved so far: the government, the female attack squad “Marciano’s 12 Sisters”, and the outlaws. No opening or closing animations seen in this first episode, so they’ll probably premiere next week.

Recognizable seiyuu include Noriko Shitaya as Chelsea (also Bleach’s Ururu), Atsuko Yuya as Angelica (Yakitate’s Yukino), and Akio Ohtsuka as Mister (MGS’s Solid Snake; GITS’s Batou). I guess I’ll tentatively check in on this one but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Mamotte! Lollipop:

Apparently, the tea was too cold.

A magical gumball (“Crystal Ball”) gets dropped from a magic-users’ land through a portal to the human world and a bunch of teenagers fly down to catch it. It falls on the plate of Nina, who is eating cake at a cafe with her friends, and she decides to eat it. Two boys, Ichii and Zero, protect her from the other magic academy students. In trying to evade a pair of her persuers (San and Forte), Zero and Nina fall from their animal companion which inflated into a balloon to help them get away.


After being surrounded by flute-summoned snakes, Nina gets captured but is still enjoying herself somewhat because San treats her to cake, to Forte’s dismay. The pair of princes finds Nina only after she screams loudly while being strangled by a big CG snake. The boys go through a transformation sequence and save her.


It seems I’ll have to watch it again subbed because I missed most of the dialogue, which is probably where much of the humor comes from. From only this first episode though, I might continue watching this simply for its cheesiness. I mean, in her flashbacks to childhood, Nina still has large ribbons in her hair. The “bad guys” rode a giant owl with helicopter propellers. There was even a “throw-over-table-in-frustration” gag. The students’ names are based on that student’s number (student 003 is named San, 004 is Forte, etc.)

For some reason, I really hope that some subbing group picks this show up.

Otogi-Jushin Akazukin:

Green Beret cats always carry an umbrella.

A boy named Souta has a dream of his mother telling him a story about a farmer who gets a sword from the king and defeats a dragon. After that, his mother gets sucked into a hole and he gets transported to a jungle where he gets attacked by a giant spider. A twinblade clover swordsgirl saves him from the spider; he wakes up and it’s time to go to school. Souta says “Good morning” to all the plants on his way to school, something that gets him teasing comments from his classmates. When they get to the school, his sister asks him to take a look at some withering flowers; he simply tells her that they just need water and proceeds to give them some.


Souta’s father calls him while he’s hanging out in a bookstore afterschool to check up on him; after the call ends, Souta hears a strange voice and starts wandering trying to find its source. He enters a warehouse/garage and sees a guy telling the same story that was in Souta’s dream. After he corrects the guy for telling the story wrong, he transforms into a spider by breaking his collar and attacks him. Wow, I guess he really doesn’t like criticism.


A blue wolf saves him and takes him a distance away. Unfortunately, a motorcyclist sees them and breaks his collar to turn into a dragonfly. A short red-caped warrior appears and destroys the creature. She puts different cards in a handheld egg-shaped thing in order to get different weapons and/or attacks. The preview shows her at Souta’s house, raiding his fridge.

The story kind of slogged along, so I think I will pass on future episodes. That doesn’t mean this show is horrible; I think I’m just out of the intended target audience. Also the “weapon card” thing seems a little silly. Sponsors for this first episode included Konami and Geneon, just so you know.


NEXT TIME: part three – Muteki Kanban Musume, Bokura ga Ita, Zaizen Jotaro


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