AX06 Newsblast: PaniPoni, ParaKiss Licensed; 3 FMA DVDs in September!?

I did not go to Anime Expo this year but I did read most of the panel reports posted on so I didn’t miss out on the relevant news from the show. Here are the most interesting pieces of information I could extricate from said reports. Sorry that this is such a long post; just be thankful I didn’t mention any manga news.

AD Vision:
(ADV had three seperate panels: “Peek and Greet”, Fanservice, and Industry)

It seems that ADV surprised everyone when they licensed Pani Poni Dash. I feel I might have unconsciously predicted this would happen when I posted a formula relating to the series’ possible inspirations and included Excel Saga and Azumanga (both licensed by ADV). Yeah…sorry about that. Hopefully it works out for the best; still gonna blog it though. Also, from Shinichi Watanabe, the company licensed Nerima Daikon Brothers, a show that has Nabeshin as a character so you know it’s off-the-wall.

Now, jpmeyer had previously made a post wondering how ADV will handle the mass of obscure references in PPD and even made a comparison to Family Guy. In the same panel in which the license was announced, they said it “will have ADVidnotes” (as previously seen in Excel Saga and Abenobashi) “and possibly also multiple subtitle tracks to allow one to view labeled signs and chalkboards – or not – according to preference”.

This could work…BUT if they want to use “Vid-Notes” as a trademark, they might have to revive their application. Why? Because they abandoned their application on January 2, 2005 after first using it on April 14, 2002, and filing for a TM on July 8, 2003. The non-action caused the application to die. I guess the US patent office website IS useful.

In non-PPD-but-still-ADV-related news, there have been 24 million viewers of Anime Network via Video On Demand. I am one of them because hey, if I’m getting digital cable, of course I’m also going to watch free on-demand content. There will be a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” about the live-action Evangelion movie project this fall.

One final thing is the reason why soundtrack releases by the company are currently on hiatus. ADV President John Ledford is quoted as saying “too many people download” and that they are looking at alternative distribution method. *raises hand* I admit I am guilty of such a crime, which I committed because I’m cheap and don’t want to pay $25-30 to import an OST, or even $15 for a domestically published one. Now if one of those alternate methods you mentioned, Mr. Ledford, included the iTunes Music Store, I might be willing to change my ways ever so slightly.

Okay, FMA fans, here’s the schedule for the final DVD episodes and movie:
– Volume 11: August 5
– Volume 12: September 5
– Volume 13: September 12
– Movie: September 12
You read that right, three DVDs will be released in the span of two weeks. Also, it seems that there are Fullmetal Alchemist tennis shoes in the works. The seventh and final volume of Samurai 7 will have an edition with an “ender” box. Finally, for sake of consistency, the same VAs who did the main characters in ADV’s Full Metal Panic will continue their roles in Funi’s FMP: The Second Raid.

Geneon announced two new licenses as well as release date for two previously announced titles. They offically said they have the rights to Black Lagoon and Paradise Kiss. November will be the month in which both Ergo Proxy and Fate/Stay Night make their Region 1 debuts. Ergo Proxy was not given a specific date, while Fate/Stay Vol 1 will come out on Nov. 14.

Now, for those who watched ParaKiss, you know that the ending theme is Franz Ferdinand’s “Do You Want To”, which came out just a month before the serie began. When asked about that ending theme, Geneon said they will try to get it on the DVD releases. …Earlier this year, when Funimation announced the Beck license, they cited getting all the music rights worked out as one of the main delays. However, Funi failed to get permission to include Speed Grapher’s opening — “Girls” on Film” by Duran Duran — on their discs and will replace it with a song from the show’s soundtrack, “Shutter Speed”.

Newtype USA:
One of the most interesting panel reports to read (for me, at least) was Newtype’s, probably because I’ve bought a couple of newsstand issues for the interviews and the preview discs. However, it’s too costly for me to subscribe at $80/yr or consistently purchase an issue at $12.98/issue.

Turns out it has a stable reader population of 100,000 readers, which is pretty much split in half among the gender lines. That reader equality, in fact, may lead to more male centerfolds in the magazine after one female fan asked a question about it. The editors said the female readers are more vocal about what they want through written letters and that they have been attempting to include more content for women, including double-sided centerfolds (one side male, other side female). However, they did admit they are sometimes limited by the artwork made available to them.

First, two out-of-blue yet somewhat interesting licenses: Clockwork Fighters and Great Horror Family. Clockwork Fighters (formerly Karakuri Kiden Hiwou Senki) was animation studio Bones’ first anime series and. The first volume of that will be Sept. 12 and contain 9 episodes. There are 26 episodes in all so perhaps there will be a 9-9-8 release pattern? Great Horror Family (yes, that’s its name) is a 13 episode, “live action comedy horror series”. Hey, this might suit my semi-dark sense of humor. It appears that the whole shebang will be out on October 10 (no price details), although a Google search of “Great Horror Family” yields zero results, so be caution.

Bandai confirmed what everyone knew and announced they will distibute .hack//ROOTS in North America, saying that it’s a 2007 release. They are looking into possible TV broadcast and promotional tie-in with the upcoming .hack//G.U. videogames. Based on the fact that hack//SIGN aired the same span of time in Japan four years ago as ROOTS’ run will span and that SIGN had its first volume released in the US in March ’03, I will guess the first volume of this series will be out by March/April of next year.

A possible hinting of thinpaks from Bandai in the future came during the Q&A portion. Preident and CEO Ken Iyadomi said, “We like to try different types of packaging” and then asked the audience what kind they prefer; many went with thinpaks as their response. Just a reminder: for their complete collection release of “Avenger” in 2005, Bandai used a snapclasp tin case for the limited edition version.

Lastly, from Viz, Bleach is scheduled to premiere on [adult swim] on Sept. 9 and the first DVD volume will contain four episodes along with song subtitles. Scheduled to street in November, it will retail for $24.98; volumes will be released on a bi-monthly schedule. One Piece DVDs will be released monthly and contain five episodes each but still remain dub only. Hikaru no Go starting this fall will be on a bi-monthly release pattern while the dubbed Naruto discs will be issued on a monthly basis.

Sigh. I hope that was enough news to last until Comic-Con two weeks from now.


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