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NHK ni Youkoso 02-03: Satou Falls into Eroge

The series is starting to show its slowness in these second and third episodes. The fantasy sequences are providing most of the action (there was a nice fisherman’s metaphor…), although next episode should be somewhat more interesting with Satou’s first visit to a maid cafe. I wish it would speed up a little bit in terms of plot. *sigh* I guess this anxiety comes with reading the manga before watching the anime, but still. Just a LITTLE faster, please?
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Anime, YouTube, and Me


I recently received an e-mail from YouTube informing me that some of my videos had been “rejected” for copyright infringement. The company that reported the infringement was none other than Yomiuri Broadcasting. The videos rejected were an short clip and the entire episode it came from, which was posted after many requests from other members. The short clip was posted to demostrate how numbers on Japanese license plates could be read as words like “yoroshiku” (46-49). Continue reading

Chevalier 01: Conspiracy in Paris

Lia de Beaumont was murdered in the pre-Revolution France but was not buried. Her body was covered in mercury, preventing her body from rotting naturally and releasing her soul into Heaven. Her younger brother D’Eon joins the secret police and tries to find out what happened. He fights in honor of Lia but she still wants to take revenge her own way….
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Muteki Kanban Musume 1 & 2: Needs More Salt

Originally I was going to include Muteki Kanban Musume in the third installment of Raw Impressions Summer Edition but I didn’t get around to watching the other anime (Zaizen Jotaro, Bokura ga Ita) I planned to blog about. I’m ditching the segment until autumn but am still try to experiencing as many shows as I can to build my referential base.
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Hachimitsu II 2 & 3 – Yamada Cries and Worries

The second season starts with a renewed focus on Yamada and her wavering between Mayama and Noyima. She starts to emotionally fall apart in these two episodes and I’m wondering if she can recover before she gains weight from her anxious “food binges”. Life goes on as usual for everyone else, though. Hagu is still afraid of Morita and slightly uncomfortable around Takemoto, while Mayama continuing to “not stalk” Rika. Continue reading

Does Claymation Count as Anime?

As CG rendering technology improves, portions of anime that used to be drawn using cels are instead composed of vectors. Some people feel that unnecessary and/or too noticable CG makes an anime look cheap and that if the same scenes were hand-drawn, it would be a whole lot better. However, what if there were no cels nor computer graphics but instead clay and stop-motion? Does that kind of work have a right to be called anime?
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Live-Action Detective Conan This Fall

Yomiuri TV has launched a website for a live-action adaptation of Meitantei Conan scheduled to air this fall as the anime concludes its 10th anniversary celebration. It will take place before Shinichi’s transformation into Conan Edogawa so there will be some high school moments in it between Shinichi and Ran. But one thing that I feel will make or break the series is the role of Kogoro. He must have at least one drunk scene; otherwise, the adaptation will have failed in my book.

Kudo Shinichi – Oguri Shun (小栗旬)

Mouri Ran – Kurokawa Tomoka (黒川智花)

sonoko_shot.jpg iwasamayuko.jpg
Suzuki Sonoko – Iwasa Mayuko (岩佐真悠子)

Mouri Kogoro – Jinnai Takanori (陣内孝則)

NHK ni Youkoso 01 – The First Step Is Admittance

After reading the first two volumes of the manga in preparation, and liking what I had read, I looked forward to “NHK ni Youkuso!” (Welcome to the NHK!) to entertain me with bits of dark humor. Bits such as Satou analyzing the difficulty in choking oneself and the annoying “purupururin” music from next door satisfied my hunger and I’m willing to partake of it more times in the future.
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Suzu no Yuutsu 14 (Finale) – Epilogue in the Middle

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The anime that started off with a home movie with poor production values ends with an episode that has some of the highest of the show. It’s two outs in the ninth inning and Kyon, with the existence of the universe as he knows it at stake, is down to his last strike. Under the pressure, he manages to pull a Michael Young and win it for the American League his dimension. (For those who didn’t watch the MLB All-Star game Tuesday night, you non-baseball fans, Young hit a 2-run triple to put the AL in the lead for good.)

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Haruhi, Yuki, Asahina Character Single Review

The radio bonus CD [LACM-5523] also came out last week.

Just days after the finale of Suzumiya Haruhi aired, three character singles were released on July 5 starring the female leads (Haruhi, Yuki, and Mikuru). Each single features two original songs, a B-side version of “Hare Hare Yukai”, and the respective “off vocals” of all three. I based my review on the sound and not the lyrics for the most part. After listening over the past three days, I feel they reflect the characters’ personalities pretty well and will give fans something different to hit their eardrums than “Bokuen Desho Desho”.

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