Suzu no Yuutsu 13 – Blue Liquigel Monster

EW! Blue stuff!

This episode, “Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi V”, was a dialogue-heavy, expository episode, what with a tale from Haruhi’s past and Koizumi’s cosmological ramblings. It was a pretty somber episode after leaving the apartment complex, most likely due to Mikuru’s complete absence.


Haruhi and Kyon walk to Asakura-san’s apartment but find it’s locked. Haruhi then asks the hard-of-hearing landlord some questions and finds out that he never saw Ryoko’s parents, that she didn’t leave a forwarding address, that she moved in three years ago, and that she paid her rent in a cash lump sum. I got it, she’s really a spy! “…” Wait, I saw her “evaporate” in the previous chronological episode. My bad!

Slightly dismayed, they exit the building and meet up with Nagato walking toward them while carrying a bad bag of food. Haruhi asks her what happened to her glasses and Nagato slightly (and slyly) glances at Kyon, who remains silent. As Haruhi starts walking off, Yuki tells Kyon to “be careful” but not of what.


The pair walks further…to where I don’t know…before Haruhi stops just after crossing a railroad. We then find out a little bit about her past; in particular, she tells Kyon of an experience at a ballgame that led her to realize that life is full of common routines (e.g. brushing your teeth) and everything started to seem boring. After that event, she resolved to become a noteworthy individual but nothing around her changed. After Kyon fails to comfort her, she turns around, walks back across the tracks and heads home alone. Kyon waits until she’s out of sight to go home in the same direction.


Kyon reaches his doorstep only to find Koizumi waiting for him. They ride a taxi to a downtown crosswalk, where the cab stops and they both get out. On the way there, Koizumi waxes metaphysical about his abilities, how he got his knowledge & powers, and the anthropic principle (wiki). This all further confuses and annoys Kyon, who also gets frustrated when he hears the phrase “three years ago” for about the hundredth time. Koizumi blames Kyon for the current Haruhi situation and places responsibility for it on him because Kyon provided her with the suggestion to create a club made up of strange individuals.


Koizumi guides Kyon into an active “closed space”, a gray 5km void with a dimensional fault. He explains its formation and he and his fellow espers’ mission to counteract closed spaces as they develop. Apparently Haruhi’s stress is represented by giant blue monsters that smash buildings and must be destroyed in order to reduce and eventually eliminated closed spaces. Koizumi goes off to help his comrades fight such a giant and produces a sphere of light red energy in which to fly around and fight. One thing to note is that when the giant’s arm gets cut off, green stuff flows out of it that looks like the stuff inside liquigel capsules. You know, this whole melancholic Haruhi problem could be solved by giving her Zofolt or some kind of stimulant for the low times. Or Kyon could just become interested in Haruhi, whichever is easier.

On the return voyage, Koizumi explains the giants are Celestials, which that are linked to Haruhi’s mental state, as well as the limitations of his own powers and other things. Koizumi drops him back in front of his house and tells him to note any trends in her behavior before driving off. He also mentions “there are those with complicated intentions” as a possible reason why he should do so. That is totally an ominous line if I ever heard one.

Haruhi’s backstory was pretty disheartening and showed her in her most emotionally vulnerable state and yet Kyon didn’t nothing to comfort her. Despite the somewhat deep dialogue, I didn’t get bored probably because I like that kind of stuff anyway. In fact, I’m planning to write an article on the metaphysical analysis of the series a couple weeks from now.

Mikuru’s absence can be attributed to (a) the “Self-Activity Day” memo Haruhi posted on the club door as she dragged Kyon out of the school, and (b) the fact that this episode took place in the afternoon and evening. Koizumi definitely got the most facetime and this is alright considering Yuki and Mikuru each had their own “coming out” episodes, but is not really preferred considering most of what he did was talk. What he said were some interesting things that answered some questions I had about how he got his knowledge about Haruhi and her God-like abilities. The one big question that still hasn’t been answered though is how Haruhi got her realization abilities in the first place. Maybe I’ll have to read the novels to find out and/or speculate on how it happened.

Next Episode:
“Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi VI”
Haruhi #6/Kyon #14

Keep-away with an optical mouse

The final episode in the original airing sequence and, according to Kyon’s final line this episode, there will be an “extraordinary ordeal” relating to the warnings he received. In the preview, Haruhi becomes peeved after so there definitely will be something going down. Hopefully Kyon remembers the “Snow White” technique Adult Mikuru mentioned a while back. Oh yes, and there will be a fair amount of Mikuru-cuteness-action so this will be a somewhat energetic 14th episode.

Just a reminder of where this fits in the timeline, the baseball episode happens after the events of “Melancholy VI”. You remember, the one where Koizumi makes reference to that incident while talking in the dugout. God, I can’t wait to the series to finish so I can watch in chronological order and see the plot progress in a linear fashion.

So, the morals of this episode are (1) a spoonful of Mikuru makes episodes more fun and (2) all talk and no antics make for a “blah” episode.


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