Potluck – Extras, Links, and a Really Cheap DVD

Sometimes I want to post something but it’d only be a couple lines. Later, if I had posted it, I probably would find it wasteful and hate myself a little for it. So, the category I will put this post and other mish-mash ones into will be called “Potluck”. I first thought of calling “The Raw Mess Around” after a show at my college radio station but I didn’t want to tread on the show’s awesomeness with my mediocrity. Then I came up with “Melting Pot”, which seconds later became “Potluck” because it’s not as metaphorical. I hope this format works every so often and helps me burn off some wayward ideas.

This weekend, I tried to watch most of the extra features on my anime DVDs. In the process, I found that:

  • the “Heat Guy J” opening sounds cool. Same goes for “Hajime no Ippo” and “Someday’s Dreamers”. But that still doesn’t excuse Geneon’s laziness in not creating in-house trailers for their previews and just using the OPs.
  • Haibane Renmei premiered at 26:43 (2:43am) back in October 2002. Sheesh, that’s late. By contrast, Excel Saga aired Fridays at 13:00 (1pm). o_0
  • the Magdalane Order seen in Chrono Crusade is not Catholic, but actually Protestant. [Thank you, Azmaria’s Extra Classes.] So Rosette’s skimpier costumes are kind of justified but still a little weird given the “sisters” still wear nun-like outfits.

See, it pays to watch the bonus material.

Links Stumbled Upon, Thanks to…SOS-Dan Image Board:

p-pr.info (PHOENIX project)
ss-tv.info (SEPIA-SIS)
– Websites of two “doujin music” groups. PHOENIX project (p-pr) has done arrangements of video game tracks along with some original works, while SEPIA-SIS (ss-tv) works mainly in electronica. I found PHOENIX through a SOS-dan link to a rock version (mp3) of the Mikuru-run theme; they have also made an acoustic version of TV-Size God knows (again, mp3 link). I found SEPIA-SIS among those in PHOENIX’s links section.

– I found this site because this artist did some chibi Haruhi wallpapers. In fact, my current wallpaper is “Read or Drive” from this site. Anyway, there are a couple short original manga, many original drawings as well as fanart, and a fair number of wallpapers. One of his original characters is a variation of Habanero-tan except toothpaste comes out her head.

5-y.2-d.jp (Afterschool of the 5th year)
u-u.2-d.jp (Utsura Uraraka)
– These are “doujin blogs” and I found both through the SOS-Dan image board. Utsura has made 4koma involving Tsuraya’s “nyoro~n” and Afterschool has made 20 doujinshi including a streak of inspiration ToHeart 2 a while ago. Both sites currently have Haruhi-related sketches on their most recent posts.
Speaking of Haruhi, for anyone going to Anime Expo this year, watch out for a group of synchronized dancers late Monday at about 5pm outside the Convention Center’s main entrance. If you want to participate or just avoid it all together, here’s a link to pertinent information. I’m sure there will be a video of it online the week after so hopefully the partakers will be coordinated, unlike this attempt (YouTube link) from London Expo.
I got a 300GB hard drive last week and am planning to name it “Zepheris” after the Dragoon from Scrapped Princess. After I get an external enclosure (I know I should’ve gotten that at the same time), I’ll load most of my music off my notebook as well as some stuff from my ailing desktop, which I’m planning to make an Ubuntu box. I also want to rerip my CDs at 320kbps and then, of course, I’ll put anime on there and hopefully get back on track to making AMVs. I’ve only made 1 complete one (edited with Windows Movie Maker…ugh) and have many other half-baked ideas. The space problem has been solved, now onto the issue of time…
I’m debating whether to buy NANA Vol. 1. It’s only 707 yen (673 w/o tax) and will be released on July 7th. Yeah, they’re really capitalizing on the whole “na can mean seven” concept. Anyway, the main problem is that it has only the first episode and is called the “Limited Low-Priced Edition”. Still, this seems like a bargain at $12-$18 for one episode compared to 5800 yen for two.
How will I end this? Ah, maybe with a quote:
“If love can kill people, then surely hatred can save them.” – Altena, Noir

I guess that’ll work…


2 responses to “Potluck – Extras, Links, and a Really Cheap DVD

  1. Mediocrity, how can you possibly accept that you are only mediocre in life? Where is the anticipation of a future and success? Are you depressed maybe?

  2. rockwatching: Don’t worry, I’m not depressed; I just like think pessimistically once in a while. I’m a humble person and I usually don’t try to brag about things. I am not complacent with being mediocre; in fact, I am sort of trying to improve my writing skills by undertaking this whole blog thing. I’m also striving to make better AMVs and become more politically active. Thank you for your concern, though, and in the future I will try to make my emotions more apparent when writing.