After Some Procrastination, A Summer 2006 Preview

As the shows of the spring and winter end, the summer shows take their place to get their time in the limelight before the. Twenty-four shows is a lot to do summaries of, so I narrowed it down to ten I’m looking forward to watching, if only for a couple episodes. Of course, I will try to watch the premieres of as many shows as I can but the following are the ones I think have the most promise.

Now about this preview being two weeks after everyone else’s. Since FLAG wasn’t widely released, I feel that the summer season really starts next week, thereby justifying my posting this now instead of on the 15th. Still should gotten this done earlier though…

Premiered last Friday (6/16), two weeks before any other show of the season. There’s civil war in a small Asian country and a mistakenly-taken picture of a flag on the battlefield accelerates a peace effort. However, someone steals the flag and the UN sends in special development forces along the woman who shot the picture, Shirasu Saezo. Civil war in an Asian country reminds me of Madlax but the focus is on photographers and the trailer I saw gave me an idea of suspense. The only problem is that it’s being broadcast on Bandai Channel, which can only be accessed with a paid service called So-Net. This means no raws or fansubs until the DVDs come out. -_-

Honey & Clover II:
The HachiKuro crew is back for 13 more episodes. I loved the first season of this art-school-drama, so I’m hoping the second will continue the storyline with the same (if not better) execution.

Binbou Shimai Monogatari:
“Poor Sisters Story” seems to be one of those heartwarming, life-affirming stories. I’ll probably watch this as a self-motivational tool; for example, “if those two sisters can make it on their own, I can surely write these two papers.”

Otogi Jushi Akazukin (aka Fairy Musketeers):
I was a little surprised that the characters look like they’re 10 when they are actually 14 years old, but I will still expect that their voices will be high-pitched. Some cute adventure might be a good change of pace but I also have to beware of that cuteness making the story suffer.

The subtitle is “Cool X Sweet” and the website calls it a “tsundere” production. Main character Reo is lazy and he secretly loves Eria, the daughter of a corporate executive. Eria is smart and beautiful but eccentric. When Reo & Eria are late for school, his cousin Otome catches them and decides to live with him to try to get him to mend his ways. From the 15-sec trailer, it seems that the girls scheme against Reo.

Bokura ga Ita:
Takahashi Nanami (aka Nana) is a high school freshman who dislikes the popular guy in school, Yano Motoharu, over whom 2/3 of the girls are fawning. This comes from the same animation studio that did Mushishi, Artland, and the character designs look nice, although Nana’s headshot on the show’s website makes her look like Yamada’s younger sister. I’m thinking this might replace NANA as my shoujo romance show after I forgot about it and currently thinking of dropping it. Watching the live-action movie made me think of giving it a second chanc though, so I’ll see what happens.

Cowboy Ragtime Show:
The trailer shows gunfire and people sitting inside spaceships. It looks to have some gunslinging action, but I hope the story turns out to be good.

Muteki Kanbanmusume (Noodle Fighter Miki):
This seemingly-wacky comedy depicts the daily life of Onshima Miki, a girl who supposed to be the “poster girl” for her mother’s ramen restaurant. However, Miki likes picking fights and making mischief. It will only run for 12 episodes, but they won’t be lacking in material as there are 17+ volumes of the manga in Japan. ADV Manga published the first two volumes last year before it pretty much dropped it along with many other titles. I think this will be a okay “sit-back comedy” to cheer me up, but I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

NHK ni Youkoso:
This is my dark horse for best show of the season. “Hikky” (taken from its web address) deals with a college dropout, more specifically a hikkimori, who joins a project meant to stop the NHK’s evil plans to turn everyone into hikkimori. How will they go about this? Why, by broadcasting moe anime, of course. I read the first volume of the manga and liked it. (Tokyopop will be releasing Volume 1 stateside in October.) GONZO is handling animation, so any effects are sure to be smooth but I still have some slight concern about their involvement.

Naikaku Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan Zaizen Jotaro:
This definitely wins the award for longest name of the season. Let’s just call it Zaizen Jotaro for now. This show “follows a hardboiled, tough as nails investigator who seeks out corruption inside the highest halls of power of Japan’s Diet” and is based on the manga by Ken Kitashiba. Mention of political intrigue always interests me so I’m definitely going to give this a shot.

Le Chevalier d’Eon (The Knight of Eon):
Trailer made it see a little interesting. It takes place in 18th century France, just before the French Revolution, and starts with a dead woman being found floating in the Seine with the word “PSALMS” in cut-out letters. Her younger brother is part of the police force and investigating the case while Ann, his older sister, soon joins the death toll.


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  1. I’m totally in agreement with you on NHK, it seems to me that it’ll achieve “mini-haruhi” status.
    I’m also excited for Otogi jushi Akazukin. Sure, it’s cutsey, but I did love the OVA, I’m really hoping for cute characters exposing a deep, rich plot.