Suzu no Yuutsu ep 12 – Hard Rock Cafe?

Don't throw grass into the wind.

I had read the translated chapter before watching and I was still impressed by the visual presentation. The concert part was the best part and wasn’t fully imagined in prose. The cinematics were so intense, you could see Haruhi sweating. The bunny girl outfit didn’t help either. Both the ENOZ songs performed at the concert were released this week on the Geki Chuu Kashuu single, which is certainly a well-timed release. I must have listened to “God knows…” about 15-20 times over the past few days.

Besides the concert, I enjoyed other features of the festival like Koizumi as Guildenstern in his class’ performance of “Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Dead” as well as Nagato’s fortune telling. The fortunes she was giving out reminded me of an SNL sketch called Trivial Psychic, which featured Christopher Walken as a man who gained “mildly impressive ability to foretell insignificant events of the immediate future” from a tanning booth accident.

On the character development front, Haruhi showed her humility and kindheartedness while Kyon shows for the first time (chronologically) shows compassion for Haruhi. There even might have been a slight Tokimeki reference. One thing I found interesting was that Haruhi is starting to question her lifepath but still wants to “progressively increase” her number of goals.

Maybe there’s something wrong with me but this was the first time noticed Kimidori (the green haired girl from “Mysterique Sign”) when watching the opening. Also when I heard Tsuruya‘s voice, I thought I had heard it somewhere else. I checked and found that Yuki Matsuoka (the VA) also does the voice of Orihime from Bleach. I should pay more attention to these things.

The dubbing backlog of ENOZ‘s original songs made me remember that the Minidisc format is still being used among aspiring bands in Japan. The format failed in America probably because of flash-based players and the iPod. My roommate from two years ago had a MD player (before he got an iPod) and I think he recorded to it at 1x speed, which seemed slow compared to a 8x CD-RW burner. I’m sure that an MD can be burned faster than realtime, but that wouldn’t help the band if hundreds of students are asking for copies and there is only one dubbing machine. The signs around the school added to the overall humor of the episode, with phrases like “let your worldly desires run wild!” and “throw a ring or throw away your life“. Upon my second viewing, I noticed some subtle hints of ENOZ’s situation while the first act was progressing.
NEXT WEEK: “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi V”
Haruhi episode #5/Kyon episode #13

Haruhi and Kyon investigate Ryoko Asakura’s apartment. The producers got clever with the title again, this time herding the characters in a square.


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