PaniPoni 5 – Camping Trip!

Title: “Anything that is useful will be become your treasure”


It’s Camping Day for Peach Moon students and Becky is enjoying the sunshine, but Ichijo is hoping to rain on her parade. Actually, Ichijo was sneaking around the woods this episode, involved in some suspicious activities. The students were divided into teams of four by random name drawing but poor Kurumi forgot to put her own name in so Becky and her rabbit Mesousa (wearing a Kurumi wig) decide to join her. Their fourth is an ousanshouuo, a Japanese giant salamander Ichijo held up.

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Meanwhile, Rei and Miyako (aka Forehead) end up with Himeko and Sayaka. Rei tells Miyako that she’s the only one who can get firewood because Himeko got tired setting up the tents and Sayaka is tending to her. She then tells her to get double what the other groups have. Why? “Firepower is the key to Chinese cuisine.” While she’s walking over to the firewood, she sees a missile launch out of the forest.

Inugami (from Class 1-D) is fishing and catches a kappa with the help of Nanjo. Well, it’s actually Serizawa-san in a costume but then a real kappa DOES appear! Too bad she was the only one to see it.
Kurumi and Becky argue over who should cook curry dinner and Kurumi pulls out the eye-in-palm-“Vampire Hunter D” attack to scare her. Mesousa tries to intervene but gets taken aback when both girls point out he can’t hold a knife.

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Serizawa, Miyako, the camera girl (Hibiki) and Akira try to find the kappas and missiles; along the way, they get scared by a ghost emerging from a tree, only to find out it’s Ichijo. She leads them to a spot where they can see the kappas polishing a missile before they are approached by the kappa mafia boss and run away.

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Back to Becky, she doesn’t feel motivated to help keep the fire going, that is, until she hears that how much food Rei is planning to make. Sayaka runs and tells Rei that Himeko got taken by the river current while trying to pick up the rice she accidentally washed away in the river. Rei decides to use a different kind of rice and everybody ends up loving the meal. It ends with a bonfire and the success of Ichijo’s beseeching of the rain gods.

This episode really exhibited Becky’s self-pride/high-and-mighty nature. Her argument for not wanting to cook or getting firewood is that she is a teacher and her students should respect that. She is modest when she’s praised for making it sunny (which she didn’t do) and in these situations, according to Rei, Becky expresses her joy like an old man. You also started to see Ichijo’s connections of the bizarre with her raindance, waving to the aliens, and causalness about kappas and missiles. One never knows what is going on with her.

Some good sidesketches were Suzune and Otome (from 1-B) playing in the river and Nekokami-sama was kind of funny, putting a can under his arm. What I particularly enjoyed was the blue salmander because you see what’s he’s saying and because he came off as less annoying than Mesousa. But, don’t worry, I still like laughing at Mesousa’s misfortune…for now.

There were a couple of references I had to look up to get. First, the 1990 song “Sayonara Jinrui” (Goodbye Humanity) by Tama was referenced in the epilogue. It was apparently their first and only hit. The music video is below.

Second, the variety show “Hachiji Da Yo, Zenin Shuugou” was mentioned [1] [2]; it featured Chousuke Ikariya and his Drifters and ran from 1968 to 1988. It was one of the highest rated television shows in Japanese history. There were also some Dragon Quest V references. The news ticker had some funny stuff on it, like Mario (from Mario Bros.) getting a Japanese Green Card.


This Episode’s ED Stars:
Kappas and Generic Background Characters

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