No, not that Nano…

Hello, readers from AnimeNano! In trying to think of what to put here, I came up with a conversation full of puns. Enjoy…or not. I didn’t really try this time.

A: Hey, have you heard of AnimeNano?
B: Nani?
A: Nano!
B: Na…Na..Nanaka? Nanaka Crash?
A: Iie, nano desu yo!
A: No, Nano!
B: Nanao?
A: CHIGAU! Nano, nano!
B: Ah! Nanu nano!
A: *sigh* Close enough…


One response to “No, not that Nano…

  1. rofl lol!! This had reminded me about FLCL the part where they made the scene a manga. Ahh, good times..