¥80,000 Ultimate Kenshin Box Set

CD-Japan is selling pre-orders for the 10th Anniversary Ultimate Rurouni Kenshin Box Set. (Yes, it has been ten years since Kenshin first premiered in Japanese television.) Its list price is ¥80,000 [¥84,000 in Japan w/ consumption tax] but you can get it for only US$707.78! Ships December 20th! In this set, you get:

  • all 94 episodes of the TV series;
  • one special episode (#95);
  • both OVAs;
  • and the movie.

But wait there's more! You also get these extras (subject to change):

  • a specially designed paulownia wood box;
  • a special features DVD;
  • a specially-made remix CD;
  • a deluxe booklet;
  • an anime illustration collection;
  • PLUS a reverse-blade sakabato-design letter opener.

Although this looks pretty comprehensive with 24 discs and all those extras, it's still a lot of money to spend. It's also 5329g [11.75 lbs!], so shipping going to be costly. I checked and it's "too heavy" for Economy Air, so the cheapest shipping method — to the US — would be Express Mail Service [3-6 days] at ¥13,420 [US$118.73], putting the total cost at US$826.51.

Oh well. Maybe I can pick up that letter opener off eBay and perhaps also the artbook, but the other extras don't make it seem worth my non-existent $830. All those discs are also region 2 encoded and all the standard video content will only run about US$250-280 new in region 1.

I have too many reasons for myself not to purchase this. But if you still want it, you have 6 months to save up. Good luck!


One response to “¥80,000 Ultimate Kenshin Box Set

  1. $826 bucks…like wow talk about a collectors item. Now where can I get $826? *Goes to mug some guy named Bill*