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Japan’s Demographics Hit Undesired Records; Koizumi in Graceland


NOTE: The reason why there are two articles from the Washington Post is one is from Reuters and the other is from the Associated Press. As such, facts from both have been woven into this post and it would be unwieldy to cite each one seperately. You’re probably going to read them both anyway.

The Japanese government reported today that people 65 and over constitute 21% of their population. They now surpass Italy (20%) as the country with the highest proportion of elderly citizens. Also reported was that only 13.6% of Japan’s population is under 15, passing Bulgaria (13.6%) for first in that category. Finally and most alarmingly, the fertility rate hit a new low of 1.25/woman. That is well below the 2.1 rate necessary to maintain a stable population.

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Suzu no Yuutsu 13 – Blue Liquigel Monster

EW! Blue stuff!

This episode, “Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi V”, was a dialogue-heavy, expository episode, what with a tale from Haruhi’s past and Koizumi’s cosmological ramblings. It was a pretty somber episode after leaving the apartment complex, most likely due to Mikuru’s complete absence.

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Potluck – Extras, Links, and a Really Cheap DVD

Sometimes I want to post something but it’d only be a couple lines. Later, if I had posted it, I probably would find it wasteful and hate myself a little for it. So, the category I will put this post and other mish-mash ones into will be called “Potluck”. I first thought of calling “The Raw Mess Around” after a show at my college radio station but I didn’t want to tread on the show’s awesomeness with my mediocrity. Then I came up with “Melting Pot”, which seconds later became “Potluck” because it’s not as metaphorical. I hope this format works every so often and helps me burn off some wayward ideas.
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After Some Procrastination, A Summer 2006 Preview

As the shows of the spring and winter end, the summer shows take their place to get their time in the limelight before the. Twenty-four shows is a lot to do summaries of, so I narrowed it down to ten I’m looking forward to watching, if only for a couple episodes. Of course, I will try to watch the premieres of as many shows as I can but the following are the ones I think have the most promise.

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Suzu no Yuutsu ep 12 – Hard Rock Cafe?

Don't throw grass into the wind.

I had read the translated chapter before watching and I was still impressed by the visual presentation. The concert part was the best part and wasn’t fully imagined in prose. The cinematics were so intense, you could see Haruhi sweating. The bunny girl outfit didn’t help either. Both the ENOZ songs performed at the concert were released this week on the Geki Chuu Kashuu single, which is certainly a well-timed release. I must have listened to “God knows…” about 15-20 times over the past few days.

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Gosho Aoyama Interview

The German website AnimeY has posted an English-translated interview with Gosho Aoyama, the manga-ka of long-running Detective Conan. He was a guest at last weekend’s Comic-Salon (June 15-18) in Erlangen, Germany. Aoyama has been writing the Conan manga for 12 years and previously did Yaiba (1988-1993) and Magic Kaito (1988-1994). Continue reading

Suzu no Yuutsu ep 11 – Space Battle!

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Out for a While


I just moved home for the summer from my dorm last afternoon and will be on a camping trip from this evening until Sunday morning. Then I have jury duty on Monday morning at 7:30am. I’ll finish up my planned Haruhi 11 post as well as a couple of other short ones when I come back Sunday night. Hopefully I’ll be dismissed the first day of jury duty but if I don’t…well, at least I get paid $15 a day for showing up.

I’m taping “Eureka Seven” as well as the Italy/USA and Croatia/Japan World Cup games. That’s 4 1/2 hours (about 3 1/2 with fast forward) for me to watch when I return. Although I suppose I could blog while watching the games… Anyway, here’s to hoping I don’t injure myself while shooting a shotgun, like I did last year. Sigh.

Obligatory World Cup Post


Many people have been talking about Japan in this year’s World Cup after their performance in 2002. I saw recaps of the Japan-Australia game and Japan’s goal against Australia probably shouldn’t have counted. The officials didn’t call it and don’t have instant replay like the NFL; instant replay would be impractical anyway in soccer because the clock would keep running while they were checking something. (Reportedly, one of the referees was overheard admitting to the Aussie keeper that it was a mistake.) I was a soccer referee for 3 years and I think that I would have made the same mistake; I would have to have seen the offending player’s momentum to make a definite call. Anyway, Australia scored three goals and beat them so hopefully people will move on to the other two matches. Continue reading

PaniPoni 5 – Camping Trip!

Title: “Anything that is useful will be become your treasure”

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