DAC Big Showing 2006

Saturday, the Davis Anime Club (DAC) had their Big Showing where the officers for the next year exhibit first episodes from some shows that could be on next year's schedule. There was also a Karaoke/AMV room, Video Games room, and Movie/OVA room. Well, at least it started with four rooms…

The shows in the Preview room included Tsukiyomi Moon Phase, Eureka Seven, Mahoraba, and Sukisho. This was the second most popular room behind the game room (which also had the snacks/drinks). I don't remember what the other ones were because I was responsible for manning the OVA room. The karaoke room shut down in the first hour because no one really showed up there.

For the first 2 hours, nobody really showed up in the OVA room either. I played Cowboy Bebop the Movie first for about 1 1/2 hours. So, I decided to put on King of Bandit Jing in Seventh Heaven OVA 1. When that ran its course, there still was nobody there so I started to pack up my laptop until a couple girls came in and asked me to show something. I figured "Whatever, it couldn't hurt" so I showed the first three episodes of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and had a good time until I decided to finally pack up. I then headed to the gaming room that I had been in and out of many times previously.

The game room was by far had the most traffic and people played import versions of Donkey Konga 1 and 2, along with Mario Power Tennis and Mario Superstar Golf. There was also a PS2 but since it was hard even trying to hook up the Gamecube to the projector, they decided to just not hassle it. This room also had all the snacks such as chips and Pocky along with ginger ale and Coca-Cola.

At 5PM, all the other rooms shut down and everyone converged to the largest one for the auction. There were about 10-15 keychains, pins, manga and other things before the big-ticket items (the plushies and figures) were up. Anthony (the club president) did a good job as auctioneer, tempting people into making just one more bid.

The three plushies up for bids were Ichigo from Bleach, Sanji from One Piece, and also Chopper from One Piece. Sanji and Ichigo got about $25 each, while the too-cute-to-pass-up Chopper reached $35. But, the most expensive item became a Naruto sleeping cap that went for $40 to the club president; he wore the hat for the rest of the night, even to dinner.

The auction ended about 6:30 so nine of us walked to downtown and reserved a place at a popular Thai restaurant. They gave us a pager that beeped when we got more than 50 yards away and said it would be at least forty minutes. So to kill time, we walked a couple blocks to Borders and hung out there. Overall, I thought it was okay, although last year more people (and officers) showed up. Also, I spent about $35 at the auction that I'm kind of regretting now; bought Ichigo plushie, sampler manga, Naruto sew-on patch, and a Macha keychain (the cat from .hack//SIGN). But I did get rid of my Azumanga pins as well as the Bleach cellphone dangle-thing I bought last year.

'Don't say things like that!'
– "Eureka Seven" playing in the Preview room

The snack table in the game room
– Snacks and drinks in the game room (oh, and the president)

– Donkey Konga (JP version); the text says "challenge/easy" so I don't know what song they were playing.

empty seats

King of Bandit Jing OVA 1
– The emptiness of the OVA room in the early afternoon

The Auction

some keychain

Bidders are scary.

You know you want it


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